JIANG Zhi  蒋志


selected works 作品精选


Jiang Zhi works in a wide range of mediums including painting, photography, video, and installation. From the early stages of his artistic career, Jiang had been writing novels while experimenting with photography, which stems from his deep interest in poetry. Jiang Zhi has consciously positioned himself at the intersection of poetry and sociology. He fervently weaves familiar and mundane social experiences into his works, while maintaining the tension between daily life and literary experiences. His work questions the way in which contemporary art has evolved over the years, and at the same time is imbued with his unique characteristics. Hence, he has consistently avoided unspecific personal emotions and political statements that can easily attract audience attention, and shies away from feeble expressions and critiques. His critiques cut into the flesh of the deep layer of collective and personal psychology. In this aspect, Jiang’s works are open-ended, supple, and possess a taste of poetic vigor.









1971  Born in Hunan Province, China

1995  BFA, China Academy of Fine Art, Hangzhou

Solo Exhibitions:


Sight, White Cube, Hong Kong


Strait is the Gate, Magician Space, Beijing

Jiang Zhi: If This is a Man, Times Museum, Guangzhou

Jiang Zhi: Impure Light, Saamlung, Hong Kong

Jiang Zhi: LOVE LETTERS, M97 Gallery, Shanghai


A Thought Arises, Shanghai Gallery of Art


ATTITUDE 3:An Exhibition by Jiang Zhi, Platform China, Beijing

Jiang Zhi: Temperature of the Nerve Endings, Tang Contemporary Art, Bangkok

TREMBLE: Solo Exhibition of Jiang Zhi, Magee Are Gallery, Madrid


ATTITUDE 2: An Exhibition by Jiang Zhi, Osage Gallery, Hong Kong

ATTITUDE 1: An Exhibition by Jiang Zhi, Osage Gallery, Shanghai


“On The White”, Jiang Zhi Solo Exhibition, Osage Gallery, Singapore


“On The White”, Jiang Zhi Solo Exhibition, Osage Gallery, Hong Kong

Neurosis and Prattle, Marella Gallery, Beijing

Shine Upon Me, DF2 Gallery, Los Angeles, USA


Things Would Turn Simple Once They Happened: New Photographs by Jiang Zhi, M97 Gallery, Shanghai


Double Rooms - Cao Fei, Jiang Zhi Solo Exhibition,  Zhu Qizhan Art Museum, Shanghai


Mu Mu - Exhibition of Jiang Zhi’s Photography, Guangzhou

Selected Group Exhibitions:


“Advance through retreat”, Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai

NOW YOU SEE: New Chinese Video Art from the Collection of Dr. Michael I. Jacobs, Whitebox Art Center, New York

Three Shadows First Experimental Image Open Exhibition, Three Shadows Photography Art Centre , Beijing


Contemporary Art of China:1990-2012, Zhong Gallery, Beijing

Pessimism or Resistance ?, Taikang Space, Beijing

Encounters -ART SANYA:2013, Sanya, Hainan

Painting LessonⅢ, Yang Gallery, Beijing

Upcoming Exhibition: New Framework: Chinese Avant-garde Photography from 1980s-90s, Blindspot Gallery,Hong Kong

U.F.O… an International Festival of Glocal Communication, Museum of Site (MOST), Hong Kong


The 9th Shanghai Biennale 2012-Reactivation, Shanghai Art Museum

The 4th Guangzhou Triennial-The Unseen, Guang Dong Art Museum, Guangzhou

Developing Phanton, PIN Gallery, Beijing

Light Bending Onto The Retina, 18 Gallery, Shanghai


The Power of Doubt, Times Museum, Guangzhou

Super-Organism CAFAM Biennale 2011, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing

Moving Image in China: 1988-2011, Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai

The Shape of Time: The Multi-narrative History in Contemporary Chinese Art, Iberia Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing

Guanxi: Contemporary Chinese Art, Guangdong Art Museum, Guangzhou

Breaking Away – an Abstract Art exhibition, BOERS-LI GALLER, Beijing

Wordscape Poetry Project, OCT Art and Design Gallery, Shenzhen

The Power of Doubt - PHotoEspana, Museo Colecciones ICO

Fabricator, Beijing SOKA Art Center

Flower, A Thousand Plateaus Art Space, Chengdu

The Evolving Art, Art Museum of Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, Beijing


Beyond Memory: Contemporary Photography in China, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing

Conception as Enzyme, Chengdu A4 Contemporary Arts Center, China

COMMUNITY OF TASTES: Chinese Contemporary Art since 2000, Museu de arte Contemporanea, Sao Paulo and Santiago Museum of the Contemporary Art

Looking through Film: Traces of Cinema and Self-Constructs in Contemporary Art, OCT Contemporary Art Terminal, Shenzhen

RESHAPPING HISTORY: Chinart from 2000 to 2009, IBC China National Conference Center

Jungle – A Close-Up Focus on Chinese Contemporary Art Trends, Platform China, Beijing


Work in Progress: How Do Artists Work?,  Iberia Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing

 “Terrioria 4, The Great Leap”---A traveling project of contemporary art in Tuscany, Italy(Various venue in the Province of Prato, Italy)

GETXOPHOTO Festival, Getxo, Spain

Daily Rituals, Shanghai Gallery of Art

Generation Hangzhou 2.0: Young Artists from China Academy of Art, F2 Gallery, Beijing

Between the Sexes, Paris-Beijing Photo Gallery 1, Beijing

time versus fashion, The Kunstverein Nürtingen art centre, Germany

Blackboard, ShanghART H-Space, Shanghai, 

The Tale of Angels, The Red Mansion Foundation, London 

 SPECTACLE-TO EACH HIS OWN, Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei

2009 Guangzhou Photo Biennial, Guangdong Art Museum, Guangzhou

TRAFFIC-Art Highway, Musée des beaux-arts etd’archéologie, Besancon, France


Drawn in the Clouds – Asian Contemporary Art, Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland

Mediations Biennale 2008, Poznan, Poland

COLLECTIVE CONSCIENCE, The Carlton Studios, Melbourne

Landscape Topology, Magee Art Gallery, Beijing

Chinese Fantasies, Found Art Museum, Beijing

"Reflective Asia" Nanjing Triennial, Nanjing Museum

55 Days in Valencia: Chinese Art Meeting Exhibition, Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno, Spain

China Gold: Contemporary Chinese Art, Museum of Maillol, Paris

 “Insomnia” photography exhibition, BizArt Art Center, Shanghai

2D/3D: Negotiating Visual Languages, PKM Gallery, Beijing

The Oriental Rainbow: An Index of Images in China’s Urbanization Process, Magee Art Gallery, Madrid

Poetic Realism: A Reinterpretation of Jiangnan—Contemporary Art from South China, Centro de Arte Tomás y Valiente, Madrid

Homesickness: Memory and Virtual Reality, T Space, Beijing

Guangzhou Station--Special Exhibition for Contemporary Art of Guangdong, Guangdong Museum of Art 

Building Code Violations, Long March Space, Beijing

"THERE IS NO I IN TEAM Contemporary Chinese Artists' Work", Civic Centre, Barras Bridge Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Time-Lag: The New Force of Chinese Contemporary Art, Magee Art Gallery, Madrid

Community of Tastes: The Inaugural Exhibition of Iberia Center for Contemporary Art, Iberia Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing

FOTOFEST 2008-CHINA: Photography from China 1934-2008, FotoFest Headquarters, Houston

La Cina e' Vicina- China Next Door, Palazzo delle Arti, Napoli, Italy 

Free Zone: China / An exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Art, Banca della Svizzera Italiana, Lugano, Switzerland


* For full CV, please refer to resources


1971  生于湖南沅江

1995   学士,中国美术学院,杭州



Sight, 白立方, 香港


“如果这是一个人”, 时代美术馆, 广州

“情书”, M97画廊, 上海 

“不纯之光”, Saamlung 画廊, 香港 


“ 一念”, 沪申画廊, 上海


“表态 3:蒋志的一个展览”,站台中国,北京




“表态 2:蒋志的一个展览”, 奥沙艺术空间,香港

“表态 1:蒋志的一个展览” 奥沙艺术空间,上海







“事情一旦发生就会变得简单: 蒋志摄影新作展“ M97画廊


“双人房—曹斐 蒋志个展”,朱屺瞻艺术馆,上海



群展 (节选):


以退为进, 外滩美术馆, 上海

NOW YOU SEE –来自Dr. Michael I. Jacobs 收藏的中国当代录像,纽约白盒子艺术中心, 美国

三影堂首届实验影像开放展, 三影堂摄影艺术中心, 北京


 第八届深圳国际水墨双年展, 关山月美术馆, 深圳

  深港城市/建筑双年展, 深圳

“不期而遇”国际当代艺术展, 海南

“西岸2013:建筑与当代艺术双年展”——影像特展“解像力”, 上海

城市之后, JCCAC, 香港

绘画课Ⅲ:基础与极限之构, 杨画廊, 北京

消极或抵抗?, 泰康空间, 北京

“当代艺术在中国,1990-2012 ”, 中画廊, 北京

新建構: 中國八十至九十年代先鋒攝影, 刺点画廊,香港

U.F.O. , Museum of Site (MOST),香港


“重新发电” 第9届上海双年展,上海当代艺术博物馆

“见所未见” 第4届广州三年展,广东美术馆






“超有机:CAFAM 泛主题展2011”, 中央美术学院美术馆,北京

“中国影像艺术20年 1988-2011”,上海民生美术馆



“决绝:一个抽象艺术群展”,BOERS-LI GALLERY,北京


“The Power of Doubt- PHotoEspana” 摄影与视觉艺术节,Museo Colecciones ICO,牙马德里 







“从现代性到现代化:自1988年的中国媒体艺术 第三放映计划”,V2特别项目,MK画廊,鹿特丹




“日本 Image Forum Festival:中国实验电影单元”,东京,京都,福冈,名古屋,横滨,札幌,日本




“改造历史 2000-2009年的中国新艺术”,国家会议中心,北京




“永久移民” 当代艺术展览,INH–SZ “传承—深圳”艺术空间

“第四领域, 大跃进”—当代艺术巡回展,意大利托斯卡纳大区普拉托省多个地点



“交通:艺术高速公路”,Muse des beaux-arts etd’archologie,贝桑松,法国

“Time Versus Fashion”,The Kunstverein Nürtingen艺术中心 ,德国








云中绘画-亚洲当代艺术,Kiasma当代艺术博物馆, 赫尔辛基,芬兰

集体良知,The Carlton Studios,墨尔本,澳大利亚







“失眠” 摄影展,比翼艺术中心,上海


“2D/3D: 谈判的视觉语言”,PKM 画廊,北京


“诗意现实:对江南的再解读——来自中国南方的当代艺术”,马德里芬拉布拉达市Toms y Valiente艺术中心,西班牙




“团队就是一切”当代中国艺术展,英国Newcastle upon Tyne,Barras Bridge,市民中心,ISIS Arts and /sLab present




“La Cina e’ vicina – China Next Door”,中国艺术家展览,那波利美术馆,意大利

“自由中国/中国当代艺术展”,Spazio in BSI, Via Magatti 2, Lugano, 瑞士


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resources 资料

  • "Jiang Zhi: A Thought Arises" Catalogue  《蒋志:一念》画册 2011 (PDF)
  • Jiang Zhi Pages from The 4th Guangzhou Triennial Catalogue 第四届广州三年展画册蒋志部分 (PDF)
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  • Jiang Zhi exhibition review by LEAP magazine (April 2012)
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