PAN Wenxu  潘汶汛


selected works 作品精选

artist statement

There are images of “beings” in my paintings. Actually, by saying “being” am circling around the most important aspect of my paintings; my intention is not to paint any concrete humans, nor do I care to explain who these people are. A Long time ago, people felt it was not enough to worship Buddha with only the imagery of stupas or the traces he left behind. Thus, the image of Buddha himself began appearing in our secular world, and these illustrated figural narratives gradually permeated the lives of the masses. Such figures always follow the lives of ordinary human beings.

While our world is full of different kinds of human life, my instincts always call me back to the past. For me, the mountains and rivers are also beings. I regard human beings as I might a rock to the mountain, a branch to a tree, or a fragrance to a flower. I am searching for a more distant world. A world that resembles the one I knew as a child when I was first developing my senses. "I" am still inside this world, but it is a remote place, so remote that it touches the depth of every sensitive heart, whether it existed in past or is to be found in the future.

When people observe my paintings and ask, "Is that you?" I say, "yes". What I really mean is that my subjects are an elemental part of me, so fine and delicate that they permeate everything. They are my essence; they're everywhere and yet at the same time, they're remote. With regard to the "significance" of my painting, I think it somewhat resembles Heisenberg's uncertainty principle: We cannot measure the world. The unconformity of a mathematical matrix is like any image or word that attempts and fails to describe the world. Whereas, the incessant fluctuation gives rise to many possible channels of understanding, distance must be the main route; it opens any eyes, and exchanges the uncertain for the undisputedly splendid.

In front of my paintings, I would like to preserve this power of "distance." "The sense of distance" is like the buoyancy of water or the movement of the atmosphere; it extends people's awareness and provides access to this small and remote world.

I am happiest when I am able to capture the indistinct and delicate of the atmosphere. Between every image surface there is a wide range of minutiae: the tiny particles that keep rhythm, the atomic electrons, and quantum energy. These are the non-visible, the immeasurable and the indescribable in a painting, which help relate the "style", "allure" or "temperament" of a painting. 

When a brush touches the pater, the vestiges of ink gradually become images. The brush, the paper, the fibers, the line and the color are all poetic rhythms that ultimately stimulate our nerves in a certain way. It is thus clear that beyond the associations of the visible image, ink painting itself contains even deeper meaning.

"When a breeze kisses a lake, ripples are born. When the sun leaves a mountain, mists are born." Such is a world that I love, random and magical variations that are so rare in the "human" world.

Let's return again to "beings". These are the beings of a certain world, where there are no longer difference between the two sexes, and only their corporeal bodies remain the same as ours. These beings represents the pureness of innocence and the attraction of some distant divinity - the distinction and similarity between male and female is important here. There are also trees, stones, lotus, deer, birds, breezes, mists and fragrances in my paintings; this is what I like. For me these life forms always carry associations such as: distant clarity, happiness, sharpness, gravity, vagueness, attraction, ambiguity, endless succession, loneliness and wordless silence.

Was there ever such a scene? Although the paintings represent some distant world, I hope that every viewer can still find a connection to this free and ethereal state of mind. 












1976  Born in Hangzhou

2010  Ph.D, China Academy of Fine Art, Hangzhou

2010 to present   Associate professor, China Academy of Fine Art

Solo Exhibitions


"Pan Wenxun", Hive Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing 


"Sand of the Silk - Washing Stream", Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai

"Beyond the Clouds", AMAN FAYUN, Hangzhou


"Traces...Memories",  Yanhuang Art Museum , Beijing

Group Exhibitions


"ILLUSION/IMAGE: Contemporary Chinese Ink Art Series I", Hive Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing

"New Prominent of Academy: Exhibition of the Nominated for China’s Contemporary Ink and Wash Artists 2013", Today Art Museum, Beijing


"Open Portrait" Contemporary Art Exhibition, Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai

"Ink in 5 Colors" China Contemporary Ink Painting Artist Invitational Exhibition, Hubei Academy of Fine Arts Museum

"Shanghai New Ink Painting Exhibition 2012 - China Ink Scene." Doulun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai

"Detonate" CYAP opening exhibition of young contemporary artists, Beijing International Convention and Exhibition Center


"Similarities and Differences - Chinese Painting", Yangzhou Museum of Art

"No Territory - Contemporary Ink Painting Exhibition", Yantai Yu Chen Art Gallery, Yantai

"New Academy Formation", Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai

"Youth Arts 100 Contemporary Ink Painting Exhibition", Beijing Ditan Park

"Body Image", Contemporary Ink Exhibition, Shanghai Xuhui Art Museum

Vision China, Aisa, Japan lnviational Exhibition, Chinses Cultural Centre,  Tokyo


"Reshaping History 1999-2009: Temperament and Civilization" Ink Art Exhibition, Beijing International Exhibition Center

"Ink Painting Matrix", Today Art Museum, Beijing


"The Four Array", Today Art Museum, Beijing

"2170 Ink Art Exhibition", Jiangsu Provincial Art Museum, Nanjing

"Different Directions and Similarities", Huantie Art Gallery, Beijing

"The 4th Shanghai New Ink Painting Exhibition Ink Moment of Contemporary Women Ink Painting Exhibition", Duolun Museum of Art, Shanghai

"Reverse. Reflect", Contemporary Ink Painting Exhibition, Ben Se Museum, Suzhou

"Body Image", Contemporary Ink Exhibition, Shanghai Xuhui Art Museum


National Youth Art Exhibition, China Art Museun, Beijing

"West Lake Same Year" The China Academy of Fine Art Exhibition of Young Teachers, Guanshanyue Art Museum, Shenzhen

"Ink Charm", Ueno Mori Art Museum, Tokyo


The Third Chengdu Biennale, Chengdu Contemporary Art Museum

"The Seventies Generation: Watercolor and Desire", Wuhan fine Arts and Literature Centre

"Invitational Exhibition of Doctoral Degree Candidates", China Academy of Fine Art


"Transformational of Tradition", He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen

"Sino - Korean Contemporary Watercolor Painting Exhibition", Shenzhen Art Museum

"Watercolor Young Painters", Yanhuang Art Museum, Beijing

"New - Reform Invitational Exhibition" Guangdong Art Museum, Guangzhou


"Sino - Korean Contemporary Watercolor Painting Exhibition", Seoul, Korea

"Setting Out - Young Ink Artists' Annual Exhibition", Yanhuang Art Museum, Beijing

"The First Fine-Brush Painting Invitation Exhibition of Zhejiang Province", zhejiang Henglu Art Museum

"50 Famous Contemporary Chinese Painters", Jiangsu Art Museum, Nanjing


"Painting and Writing in Modern Times" The 4th Shenzhen International Biennial Watercolor Exhibition, Shenzhen Art Museum, Guangdong & Shenzhen Painting Institute, Guangshanyue Art Museum

"Click on Tradition" Contemporary Middle-aged and Young Chinese Painting Artists" Nomination Invitation Exhibition, Shenzhen Art Museum

"Majority", Contemporary Art Exhibition, Bizart, Shanghai

"Inheritance and Fusion", Middle-aged and Young Contemporary Chinese Painters Invitational Exhibition, Guangzhou


"Brush, Ink, Sense, Rhyme" International Watercolor Painting Invitation Exhibition, Shanghai Art Museum, toured to Japan



1976 生于杭州

2010 博士学位,国画系,中国美术学院,杭州

2004 硕士学位,国画系,中国美术学院

2004 - 今   任教于国画系,中国美术学院



"潘汶汛", 蜂巢艺术中心, 北京





“迹. 忆”,炎黄艺术馆,北京



“学院的力量---在处” 中国美术学院提名展,关山月美术馆,深圳



“复兴之路” 中国当代工笔画展,快艺空间,杭州







“墨分五色 — 中国当代水墨艺术邀请展”,湖北美术院美术馆

“上海新水墨大展2012” - 中国水墨现场,多伦美术馆,上海





“无境 — 当代水墨展”,宇辰美术馆,烟台

“品逸女画家邀请展”,品逸美术馆, 北京


“叠加与互现” 中国当代艺术邀请展,国粹美术馆,北京

“青年艺术100” 当代艺术作品展,地坛公园,北京











“反.映” 当代水墨展,本色美术馆,苏州





“ 西湖同年”中国美术学院青年教师作品展,关山月美术馆,深圳


“学院新方阵 - 当代中国青年水墨画家提名展”,朱屺瞻美术馆,上海








“绘事后素” - 中国美术学院博士生提名展,中国美术学院              



“传统的延异 — 当代传统彩墨学术邀请展”,何香凝美术馆,深圳





“韩中当代水墨画展” ,首尔,韩国

“启航、水墨新锐年展” ,炎黄艺术馆,北京

“倐若造化” 首届浙江省工笔画邀请展 ,浙江恒庐






“点击传统” 当代中青年国画家提名邀请展,深圳美术馆


“传承与融合” 当代中国中青年中国画邀请展,广州



“笔、墨、意、韵” 国际水墨画学术邀请展巡展,上海美术馆,日本巡展





关山月美术馆,湖北美术文献中心,成都现代艺术馆,浙江画院, 深圳画院

resources 资料

  • Pan Wenxun's Painting: The Serenity Within by Tiffany Beres (PDF)
  • 潘汶汛的绘画:内在的宁静 文/庞惠英 (PDF)
  • 解读潘汶汛 文/董捷 (PDF)