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Huang Liang’s Painting Exhibition 黄亮绘画展

  • Platform China 朝阳区草场地319-1号艺术东区A区 Beijing China (map)
Huang Liang Painting Exhibition Platform China.jpg

Artist Statement: When contemplating the emotional driving force in my paintings from the exhibition “Settle the Life” in 2008 to the current “Huang Liang’s Painting Exhibition”, I realize that after all these years my expectations have remained unchanged, I still search for those little flashes of emotional connection in my life. My preference for painting comes from the eternal emotion contained in the works, it’s neither fashionable nor modern, but is driven by an emotion closely intertwined with the breath, an urge for expression which cannot be opposed or suppressed.

Painting itself is repeatedly edited; the works need to define and reveal this relationship.

I hope painting can “materialize” this collection of emotions and periods in time. So, as long as this emotional drive exists, I won’t stop painting.