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Hermeneutics of a Room 房间解释学

  • Intelligentsia 智先画廊 东旺胡同11号 (map)
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Intelligentsia Gallery is delighted to present the group exhibition Hermeneutics of a Room including works by Meng Zhigang (Guilin, 1975), Simona Rota (Mäcin, 1979),Matjaz Tancic (Ljubljana, 1982), James Ronner (New York, 1979), and Camille Ayme (St Etienne, 1983).

Curated by Garcia Frankowski, the exhibition explores possible interpretations of the room as container of space, experiences, relationships, feelings, and identity. The room is understood as a vehicle to decipher the dialectical relationship with its occupants and observers. Through different mediums of action, each of the artists unveils hermeneutical tools. Intelligentsia Gallery, a room of sorts, gathers together a series of sculptures, paintings and photographs that inform our subjective awareness of the room as a container for the display and interaction of the works of art, while simultaneously revealing their role as containers of rooms. 

The works displayed in ‘Hermeneutics of a Room’ develop perfunctory narratives that unfold by means of an interaction between the artist and the art work, between the observer and the subject of study. The room provides space for philosophical interrogation, as Meng Zhigang’s series Blank which paints spaces purged of furniture to leave room for self-reflection and introspective analysis. James Ronner questions the role of generic matter of post-industrial manufacture and art creation, by transforming objects of mass production into unique hand-crafted glass works usually associated with the domestication of space.

很高兴智先画廊能呈现这个名为“房间解释学”的群展,包括了蒙志刚(桂林,1974),Simona Rota (Mäcin, 1979),James Ronner (纽约, 1979), and Camille Ayme (圣埃蒂安, 1983)的作品.

由Garcia Frankowski策划的此次展览旨在探索将“房间”作为容器来诠释的可能性,它包含了空间、体验、关系、感觉、身份。房间被作为一种译解其居住者与观察者之间辩证关系的载体。通过各不相同的创作方式与媒介,每个艺术家都在揭示解释学工具在解读上的可能。智先画廊,一个包含多样的房间,集合了一系列雕塑、绘画、摄影;这些作品一方面使我们意识到房间成为了艺术作品展示与交互的容器,同时又在展示他们本身作为容纳了各种房间的容器。

Later Event: March 15