LIU Liu 刘流


selected works 作品精选

artist statement

Painting is to create a synthesis of emotions, which is also a product of all elements in the painting. So every detail of the painting matters and it is more important to connect all the details to serve the overall expression. In addition, we must keep these details to be expressed in as few languages types as possible because the fewer kinds of language we use, the more it can be trusted.

The reason why I choose the more delicate processing techniques and special watercolor techniques is because some certain special feelings can only be realized by the sense of solidarity and precision created by each detail. As for realistic issues, I have never had the desire for objective imitation. Like most of the painters, we choose to associate images with reality merely to provide a more general path to the feelings we have described. In fact, he collection of all the feelings is the theme of work.

If we look at all the material in the picture as a unit, my approach is to break down the color of the sensory world and reorganize it, a similar approach to Georges Seurat but without his mistakes. The problem with Seurat is that the way he restructured causes the material in the painting to deviate from the weight and the touch that our basic feelings apply to. I try to depict it according to my own sense of touch. But needless to say, Seurat is an excellent painter.

In fact, my approach is simply to translate the objective impressionism into painting experience summarized by the modernist painters and to use the ritual painting style of the Renaissance on color processing. In my opinion, the ethos of the Renaissance painting, such as the sense of ritual, meets my personal desire the most.

A sense of ritual is a feeling of religious experience. Compared with light, space is the most intuitive way to realize this feeling. Despite that, we will gradually feel tedious and even fall into the void if without light.

The concept of space is the source of our recognition of painting. Furthermore, painting is the mixture of our idea and sense of the reality. In the “ Tender space”, the space I depict is the reorganization of picture material by decomposing the colors, achieving a tactile sensation of tenderness. This tactile sensation is what I feel about the space at that moment and it is also a vital emotion.

From the perspective of beauty, human body should be the most perfect painting subject in any era. However, human body, just like many other objects, has been abstracted by us for a long time. In fact, the connection between all abstract elements is similar to our relationship to abstraction of material combination. That is to say, the nature of connection is supported by the same characteristics. For example, we extract the same symmetry feature from human body and other organic substances. In a way, we can say that the relative symmetry is a common characteristic of the relationship of organic life. Therefore, any symmetry in the picture, same as human body, should be treated as the ideal of human of all time.

We gently go from brightness into darkness, for romance always companies confusion. Romance is the commendable colors we meet along the way, while confusion is our unconsciousness of wondering around the long night when enjoying evolves in the emotional catharsis.

Since “The Angelus” by Jean-François Millet, countryside, churches and night bell have been disappearing. Despite that, we can still experience that kind of happiness in the evening after a day of work. Perhaps, the happiness does not come from our belief in a certain religion but we can be sure that whenever this experience comes, a deep inner satisfaction and inner peace arises.













1990 Born in Shenyang, China

Currently lives and works in Beijing



MFA, Print Department, China Academy of Fine Art, Beijing, China


BFA, No.1 Studio of Print Department, China Academy of Fine Art, Beijing



MFA Graduation Exhibition, CAFA Art Museum, China Academy of Fine Art, Beijing

Wanderlust, ART LABOR Gallery, Shanghai


The dimension of College, Chengxi Gallery, Beijing


A034 Open Studio, A034 Print Studio, Beijing

Once Meet, C5 Art Center, Beijing


V.A Space, V.A Art Space, Beijing



1990 出生于中国沈阳



2018        硕士,版画系,中央美术学院,北京

2013        学士,版画系第一工作室,中央美术学院,北京



中央美术学院研究生毕业作品展,中央美术学院美术 馆,北京

Wanderlust, ART LABOR画廊,上海